Candied fruits

Candied fruits and berries offer a delicious treat achieved through a slow drying process at low temperatures. This meticulous method carefully preserves their natural vitamins, vibrant colors, and captivating textures. Throughout history, candied fruits have been valued for their ability to sustain well-being during winter and provide a refreshing source of energy during hot summers. Low-temperature drying ensures that candied fruits retain their sumptuous, juicy flavors and enticing colors. Unlike many candies, candied fruits contain only sugar as an additive. Their inherent richness eliminates the need for artificial flavorings, preservatives, or colorants, making them a delicious, sweet indulgence suitable for any occasion.Αρχή φόρμας

Candied fruits in chocolate

Indulge in a treat for chocolate enthusiasts! A special technique carefully enrobes candied fruits and berries with the finest quality chocolate glaze, resulting in an extraordinary taste experience. Thanks to closely supervised, gentle drying at low temperatures and unique processing technology, the products retain the natural essence, color, and aroma bestowed by nature. These exquisite delights are perfect for a midday snack or adding a touch of elegance to any banquet table. The selection includes candied cranberries, blackcurrants, pumpkin, quince, rhubarb, and more, ensuring a delectable treat for every palate.Αρχή φόρμας



Pastillas offer a tasty option for those craving sweets with a unique twist. They provide a wholesome and flavorful alternative to traditional candies, crafted from locally sourced berries, fruits, and vegetables. These melt-in-your-mouth confections are made from puree, homemade chicken egg white powder, and sugar, promising a satisfying indulgence with every bite.



Powders made from dried fruits and berries offer a convenient way to incorporate natural flavors into a variety of dishes. They can enhance the taste of recipes and add a natural boost of fruit and berry goodness. From sour cream and yogurts to desserts and porridge, soups and ice-cream to cookies and cocktails, salads and pancakes, jams, and more, these powders offer versatility in culinary applications. Incorporate them into your favorite recipes to elevate their flavor.


Organic Juice

BIO Juice offers a non-alcoholic beverage crafted from organically grown fruits and berries. Recognizing the refreshing and energizing qualities of natural juices, BIO Juice invites individuals to experience the power of nature with its beverages, which are free from added sugar. Each sip provides an authentic taste of nature, providing a revitalizing experience for all to enjoy.



Crafted from locally grown, vitamin-rich fruits and berries, these syrups honor an old and time-honored tradition of drink-making. Meticulously prepared, they offer a refreshing and flavorful experience without the need for flavor enhancers or food additives. Ideal for quenching thirst while savoring one’s favorite taste, these syrups cater to both children and adults. Beyond beverages, they also enhance favorite desserts, cake fillings, and jellies with moisture and flavor, enriching every culinary creation with their natural goodness.


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